Skin Cancer Surgery:

Currently there are five possible ways to treat some skin cancers: radiation, electrodessication and curettage , simple excision, Mohs surgery and some less   tried out treatments as creams and lasers [using blue light and a photosensitizer (the creams & lasers are useful only for superficial cancers and provide less than optimal cure, in most cases)].

For more details see chapter coauthored by Dr. Levit Cancer of the Skin.

Mole excision:

Some Nevi may pose danger of transforming into melanomas.  A complete removal or body mole mapping may thus be advisable.

Cyst excisions:

Blocked sebaceous glands may lead to growing, chronically draining, enlarging, and tender bumps underneath the skin surface. Common treatments are draining or squeezing out their contents; unfortunately, this provides temporary relief and a complete removal of the blocked sack (cyst) is needed.

Scar revision and keloid excision:

Scars can be improved with creams, lasers (Pulse Dye, CO2 resurfacing), intralesional injections of  steroid, and   as a last resort excisions.